Network Maintenance Services

Maintaining your network is paramount to our staff. That is why our engineers are working everyday to ensure its stability. In the event of a downed network, our highly trained team of Emergency Service Restoration Crews quickly respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to repair your lines in the field, both aerial and underground. Meanwhile, our engineering team works with municipalities, power companies, and others to ensure minimal downtime and sustain your productivity. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to your network’s reliability assures quality service executed with sharp precision.

Our services include:

• Maintenance engineering services including road projects, power company coordination, and other logistics
• Scheduled maintenance services such as construction and splicing activities
• Emergency response – 24/7/365 call-out for network outage and emergencies

If you are experiencing a fiber outage emergency and require immediate assistance, please call 855-840-8567.

Cable Locate Services

Buried plant is out of sight and out of mind, thanks to TurnKey’s Cable Locating Division. With a focus on ensuring the integrity of your underground network, we provide everything you need to keep your buried cable secure. We currently supply 15 mid-western carriers, enterprise customers, municipalities, and school systems with these services.

Our services include:

• Full document maintenance and posting of new routes into the State system
• Electronic receipt and screening of locate requests
• State of the art dispatch system
• Field marking and flagging of locate requests
• Route stand-by
• 24/7 fielding and response to emergency locate requests
• Electronic record keeping and month-end reporting