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Our History

Commitment To Values

TurnKey’s full array of services are provided to enterprise customers, public/private K-12 school systems, municipalities, governmental agencies, universities, and local/regional/national telecommunication carriers. Through the years, our growth has had one consistently repeating value – the commitment to providing the highest quality services in the best interests of our customers.


TurnKey Network Solutions is a privately held telecommunications infrastructure company providing design, construction, installation, splicing and maintenance services for fiber optic networks.



TurnKey developed a relationship with SBC for Central Office engineering and installation services through the “Cluster” contract program. This partnership continues today with AT&T and TurnKey is now one of only two Michigan based AT&T Tier 1 Vendors.



TurnKey extended its service footprint to Muncie, IN to support our underground, aerial and inside plant operations in both Indiana and Ohio.



TurnKey entered the Detroit market in response to our customer’s requests to provide service to Michigan’s largest market. As our reputation for high quality work grew, so did the demand for our services.



TurnKey established a satellite office to support customers in and around Chicago, IL and extending throughout southern Wisconsin.


TurnKey expanded our service offerings with the creation of our Professional Services department to handle a variety of technical tasks, including network engineering, switch translations and the test and turn up of equipment.


TurnKey recognized the need to invest in technology in support of the goals of growth and success. Incorporating existing ERP solutions and proprietary project management applications, TurnKey is able to reduce cost and improve customer service.


TurnKey rolled out WiFi design and installation services in response to our customers’ needs for reliable wireless connectivity within their facilities and campuses.